WLM Insurance / Medicaree

WLM Insurance / Medicare


At Solvera Health focus on your health first. Our Primary Care Team is ideally positioned to meet your needs and to provide the support with referrals and specialty doctors. But we also know that understanding your healthcare costs and coverages can be a challenge too.

That’s where our team of licensed and certified consultants can help. They’re experts in their field, understand the various healthcare plans, and are equipped to explain the advantages / disadvantages of your current plan.

Together, they can help you explore the benefits of alternate insurance options with NO COST OR OBLIGATION required.

These include:

  • Medicare Plans
  • Group Share Plans

Administered through WLM Insurance, our team is ready to talk with you about your current coverage and help you find an option that keeps you healthy at a cost you can afford.

Solvera Health Consultants:

Solvera Health Consultants:
Colin Cusack
Peoria / Carbondale / Galesburg
(309) 231-0053

Merle Weyeneth
Insurance Manager, WLM Insurance Inc.
(309) 360-0853

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