Small Business Support

Small Business Support

At Solvera, we understand the challenges small businesses face, especially in hiring and retaining good employees. And we realize that healthcare is a major concern for you and your team.

Through our Solvera Sure offerings, we can customize affordable healthcare options designed to support the primary care needs of your employees.

5 ways we can
customize options

Finding Health Insurance Options for Employees
Our on-site insurance specialists can help identify affordable plans that may support underserved or underinsured employees.

Developing Membership Options for Employees
For a small annual fee, we can provide primary care services to employees with transparent pricing to ensure they’re receiving the best value for their healthcare spend.

Keeping Employees Healthy and at Work
Our Solvera Well services can help employees proactively manage their health.

Helping Employees that are Sick
With on-site services such as a lab, x-ray, ultrasound, audiology, urology, OBGYN, physical therapy, and pharmacy, we provide fast, convenient support to employees when they’re sick.

Getting Employees Back to Work
Our Providers and on-site Physical Therapy teams can help ensure employees are receiving any care needed to get them back to work healthy – and ready to go.

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