Solvera Health has a focus on making healthcare simple and convenient for all our patients. That’s why we work to offer on-site services, including a registered pharmacist and full-service pharmacy, to support our primary care providers and their patients.

Our dedicated pharmacists:
  • Consult with the physician on medication options
  • Coordinate medication needs across the complete care team
  • Address any medication questions with the patient
  • Fill and provide any needed prescriptions during the visit
  • Improve overall care and outcomes for the patient

A full stocked pharmacy and dedicated pharmacist can provide the polite and friendly service that every patient deserves—while making the trip to our clinic more efficient and effective.

Other services offered include:
  • Prescriptions: medications and special over the counter (OTC) orders
  • Medication synchronization: coordinating refills so they can be picked up on the same day
  • Medication therapy management: helping patients better understand their health conditions and the medications used to manage them
  • Medication management pocket list: providing a printed list of all medications and dosages for patients to carry with them
  • Adherence packaging: packing of medications that eases the patients’ adherence to their drug regimen and helps ensure patients to take the right medicines at the right time
  • Immunizations: Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, TDAP
  • Curbside pickup and free prescription delivery
Complete pharmacy services are offered on-site in our Peoria location with Barbara Barnewolt (Registered Pharmacist). We can direct mail medications from our Peoria pharmacy to patients in our Carbondale and Galesburg locations, or our providers can provide prescriptions and medications refills to your preferred pharmacy.
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